This used to be a space where I regularly blogged about my family of five and all of our adventures. Some of those included navigating our way through:
  • Prematurity of twins born at 26 weeks
  • Two Cerebral Palsy diagnoses (the twins)
  • One thyroid cancer diagnosis (me)
  • One late term pregnancy loss
I talked about a lot of other good things too. Mainly the fun our family has surrounding food, travel, music, and the Vancouver Canucks.

I've slowly been making a conscious decision to share less about our family publicly as the kids get older. And then apparently I made an UNconscious decision to stop blogging altogether.

So what is this blog now? Not sure. A holding place. A link to stuff I've published in the past. An opportunity to maybe blog again one day. Until then....

With love and gratitude for following along in the past (and maybe again in the future),

Tracey and family - AKA The Trousdell Five