Monday, January 20, 2014

A Photo Analysis

Earlier in December, after our dear Kev departed us, I started going through all of our old photos to find every picture we had of Kevin and make the family a surprise photo book (Feel free to say "awwww" or "ewwww" depending on whether you think that is cute or weird. I personally think it's a bit of both).

Most of the photos we actively look at are on our computer; however, Jordan and I have been together since the dawn of time - also known as "before there were such things as digital cameras". I know. We're that old.

I found a couple of really great photos in albums, but this one jumped out at me most. So much so that I'm going to show it to you and then analyze it. In great detail. Just because I can.

This photo is old, but we're not sure exactly how old. Jordan remembered it was from a photo shoot he did of my sister's family. My nephew (now almost 13) was young, but old enough to run around with a hockey stick. Since I don't remember a time before he ran around with a hockey stick, I'm going to say he's about 2 1/2, making this photo about ten years old. At the time it was taken I never really loved it. Jordan and I were a couple with no kids, so there were lots of good photos of us. But fast forward ten years when kids steal all the thunder, and I can't remember when we last had a photo together that we liked. Our wedding?

Today, looking back on this photo, I love it for many reasons. Here are a few of them, plus a couple of random facts thrown in:
  1. We look young. I won't deny that this is the number one reason I love this photo. LOOK HOW YOUNG I LOOK! Yes, I know it's because I actually AM young in it - but why didn't I appreciate my youthful appearance when I actually had it?! 
  2. That really nice smile is of Jordan's real front teeth, which he no longer has. Long story but no, he didn't get them knocked out in a fight, and no they weren't rotten. 
  3. I am wearing two earrings in each ear. Jordan is wearing one earring in each ear. Neither of those things has happened in years.
  4. We both still have, and regularly wear, the jackets in this picture. I think Jordan might actually still have, and sometimes wear, that collared shirt too.
  5. My hair is perfect. And I don't mean perfect in the traditional sense, I mean perfect as it pertains to my specific head of hair. ZERO FRIZZ. How did that happen? That never happens. Sure, it's obviously been flat ironed but even still, I never get away without a halo of frizzies escaping. I must be in some vortex of negative humidity in the exact moment that photo was taken. 
  6. I think my nose has grown since then. They say your nose continues to grow your entire life and I believe this photo is evidence of that. I don't think my nose looks like that now. Jordan's nose on the other hand, is as small as ever.
  7. We both look quite photogenic. I don't know what's happened over the years, but either, or both of us, is Chandler Bing in pretty much every picture we take. Hence why we haven't liked a photo of ourselves in ages.
  8. I look young. Have I mentioned that yet?


  1. you are so funny and so cute and look SO young in this photo.... and you still look young now, but not this young ;)

  2. Love the photo! I also have to share something a friend of mine once said when she was in her mid-30's about a time in her mid-20s when she was an athlete, "If I'd known how good I looked, I'd have walked around naked all the time." I think this is true for all of us.
    But in 10 years, the exact same thing will be true about how you look today. Don't compare to yesterday. You look so Damn good today, you should walk around naked. :)
    Anyway, I try to look at it from that angle as often as I can.