Friday, January 31, 2014

Portland, Take 2

Did you miss us the past couple days? Yes, you did didn't you. That's the correct answer anyway.

Well, we've been M.I.A. because we took our second trip to visit Shriner's hospital in Portland. What an epic adventure. It went a little something like this:

0745 - Leave the house.
0830 - Arrive at the ferry. Park. Pay a ridiculous amount for parking. But tickets. Pay an even more ridiculous amount for those. Walk on.
0900 - Hello BC Ferries!
1045 - Get picked up at the ferry by the Shriner's bus. Drive. Pick some more people up. Drive some more.
1200 - Stop at the border. Endure full body cavity searches (kidding!)
1215 - Enter the US of A. Drive.
1315 - Stop for lunch. Then drive. Drive. Drive.
1745 - Arrive at Portland hotel.
1800 - Go for dinner.
1900 - Re-up with snacks.
2000 - Start bedtime with hyper kids in a small hotel room.
2200 - Move beds. Try to get one kid in particular to sleep.
2230 - Success. Zzzzz.

0600 - Wake up and get everyone ready and packed up.
0630 - Go for breakfast and get serious attitude from the waitress.
0700 - Board the shuttle to the hospital.
0740 - Arrive and sign in.
0750 - See doctor.
0850 - Jam breakfast in mouths (taken "to go" because of said attitude-y waitress).
0900 - See PT and OT
1030 - Board the shuttle back to the hotel.
1100 - Arrive back at hotel and wait for one more family to finish their appointment.
1130 - Back on the bus headed for home. Drive.
1230 - Stop for lunch. Third McDonalds meal in 2 days but who's counting?
1300 - Back on the bus then drive. Drive. Drive.
1700 - Welcome back to Canada. Most painless border inspection of our lives.
1720 - Wait at BC Ferries. Wait. Wait.
1900 - Get on the ferry only to find out we are on the new ferry with no buffet. Have tantrum.
2045 - Arrive back on the island. Get in freezing cold car with three crying kids. (Can you say EXHAUSTED?!)
2130 - Arrive home and throw kids in bed with dirty teeth. No judgment.
2230 - Zzzzz.

That about sums it up. Of course seeing the doctor, OT, and PT were the important part, but we have a lot to process (all good, just a lot of information to take in) so a post will come on that later. I will tell you it was another worthwhile trip full of supportive, knowledgable health care professionals and we're looking forward to doing it all again in 6 months (By car! Paired with a vacation!)

I will leave you with some photos of the Shriner's bus, or "care cruiser". What an amazing service that we will certainly use again on trips that need to be more rushed. Talk about a luxurious bus ride! Anyway, those are the ONLY photos we took, since that's where we spent the majority of the trip.


  1. So that's what life in the fast lane is all about!

  2. omg they are so big and cute!