Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tales from the Vault - 2013 in Review

Tales from the Vault is a feature where I bring back some of my favourite posts from the archived blog. All text from the original posts has been left completely unedited; however, where I think context is required it's been added.

So this is a little bit of a cheat for my first "Tales from the Vault", because I'm not actually re-posting anything. But I'm doing it anyway - you'll see why.

For the past couple of years I've done a summary of the previous year by posting the first sentence of the first blog post from each month, and then re-visiting it. So since I still have all of those old blog posts hidden away, I can not only do this, but it also kinda-sorta fits the bill for this feature. Got it? Here we go:

January: I have one basic resolution for 2013: Float On.
  • You know, more so than any other year in recent history, I think I did my best job of that. "Going with the flow" is not something I am really capable of doing. However, I did make a concerted effort to talk myself through sweating the small stuff. I still stressed, don't get me wrong, I just tried a lot harder not to. 
February: This kid is a ham.
  • That was followed by a ridiculous photo of Nolan. He was, is, and probably always will be, a comedian. And that's one of the many things we adore about him.
March: True fact: When I saw Ellen's I didn't know prompt this week, I thought to myself "That's weird, she did before I was a parent last week".
  • That's a confusing one taken out of context. I was referring to my friend Ellen's writing prompts, most of which I participated in last year. Will I keep doing it this year? Maybe, but won't put as much pressure on myself to do so as I did last year.
April: Today is the third anniversary of the day we brought the boys home from the hospital.
  • Well that one's pretty obvious. And loving that day is never going to get old. 
May: If you're curious, here's what Asher's eye is looking like.
  • Asher had just had his strabismus surgery and his eye was looking pretty rough. True to the form of his previous surgeries, recovery from anesthetic didn't go so well either. However, it's all water under the bridge because the surgery was a complete success and Asher's vision is excellent.
June: I may be jinxing myself, but I feel like it is the start of a really good week when your husband has gone to the gym and you have gone for a run, all by 8 am.
  • Well this one is actually pretty significant. No, I didn't exercise that early very often, but last year I took exercising way more seriously. I started running in April and other than having some lazy periods for overly hot weather, getting sick, etc, I have kept it up. I even bought a treadmill (an entire post coming soon about that).
July: We've had a great Canada Day
  • Did we? That's good, because I don't remember anything about it!
August: Are you thinking I mean pot brownies?
  • That was in reference to the blog title: "Baking with Weed". I decided, once, to make dandelion bread out of the dandelions in our yard. The bread was good, but not worth the effort it took Jordan to harvest the dandelions. I expect our yard to be equally full of dandelions this year so need another plan.
September: I love September.
  • Yes, I do. Such a fresh start, and it's my birthday! This September was HUGE because the boys started preschool - a very stressful event for their parents! Preschool has turned out to be one of the most positive additions to their lives and we are so thankful for how they are growing and changing because of it (a post upcoming about that too!)
October: Today is World CP Day.
  • I didn't do anything for it last year, other than apparently write a blog post. I was a bit "CP'ed out" after the previous year of doing the World CP Challenge for a month. (Remember you helped us raise $7427? I do!)
November: Frail.Tiny. Nearly lifeless.
(None of that is really a sentence, which is why I included all of it).
  • That was my post for the boys' 4th birthday, remembering how far they have come since birth. This year was a particularly big year for them. This coming one, with the start of kindergarten and hopefully a power chair for Asher, will be even bigger. 
December: When Captain Underpants walked around in this stocking yesterday, he didn't know the significance.
  • This was Nolan walking around in his Christmas stocking - the same stocking he was small enough to fit in when he was a newborn in the NICU. Another example showing how far they've come.
All in all 2013 was a pretty good year. But I have confidence 2014 will be better!

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  1. rad. PS i want real pot brownies - ha ha ha and what - you got a treadmill!?!?