Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy Being a Spectator

I've been so busy this week I haven't written any posts, and this certainly won't be much to speak of. And just to clarify, by busy I mean watching the Olympics.

Over the past almost two weeks I have been reminded of how patriotic I am. I have also been reminded of how stressssssed sporting events make me. When I watch these athletes - all their hard work on the line - I am sure I am as nervous for them as their own mothers. I have repeatedly had to give myself the following pep talk:

"Tracey, this has no bearing on your life. None. Whatsoever. This is not actually your life".

And this is not an internal monologue. Sadly, I actually need to repeat these statements to myself out loud. It's a little embarrassing really. But how is it, when it clearly does have no real bearing on your own personal life, it feels so good when your own country succeeds, or so terrible when they don't? I will never understand that, but know that most of our country is also in a bit of a frenzy cheering on our athletes. So while I've cried a whole lot of tears and yelled much profanity over the past days - mostly happy on both accounts - I am pretty sure I'm not alone, crazy as it is.

Go Canada! At least one more gold to bring home (hockey gods do you hear me?)

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  1. Normaly I would not be watching this much hockey but with all the travelling to Vancouver this week (yawn twice not planned that way) we have seen a lot of the hockey games and might be getting up for the final game!