Friday, February 28, 2014

His Tenacity

This afternoon after school, the kids came in demanding a snack (like every day). Rio and Nolan immediately went to the pantry and started pulling out crackers, fruit snacks and all manner of other food items and placing them on the counter for me to assemble something to their liking.

Asher obviously cannot bulldoze himself over to the cupboard like the other two, but does he sit in a corner and take it? Oh no. He first demands (ok that's an overstatement - Asher rarely demands anything) I take him to the cupboard, and then he proceeds to tell me exactly what items he'd like placed on his tray. No messing around.

I know it seems like a silly example, but every time Asher does something like that he may as well be screaming out the words "MOM, I'M GOING TO BE JUST FINE". He shows me that he knows how to speak up for what he wants and he knows how to get what he wants, even if it takes asking someone else to help him with it.

Lately I've spent a lot of time reinforcing with Asher that there is nothing he can't do. He can do whatever the rest of us can, he may just need help sometimes. Today showed me he's getting the message loud and clear, and his tenacity is going to take him places. Not to mention that fierce blue steel on his side...


  1. LOVE THIS. Asher is going to be more than fine. Heck, he already IS more than fine...he's amazing! His tenacity will get him far in life, and he has an awesome family to support him! The sky's the limit!

  2. Love!

    When did he (they) get so big? :)