Monday, March 31, 2014

Budding Author

Rio has recently gotten very interested in writing short stories. Only makes sense because she's an absolute book worm and has her nose either buried in her book, or her pens and papers, non-stop.

During spring break she wrote two stories that she asked me to type so she could make them into a book and bring them to school. Although I did the typing and helped her with a wee bit of spelling, all of the content (including punctuation and grammar) are hers. Shared with permission from the author, of course.

The Cheesecake Mystery
By Rio Trousdell

Once upon a time there lived a little boy whose name was George. George loved cheesecake. His favourite kind of cheesecake was the kind his mom made for dessert. But one day when his mom was in the kitchen George asked his mom if she could make some cheesecake for dessert and this is what she said.


“No?” said George.

He was surprised. His mom never usually said no to cheesecake.

“But mom…” said George.

“I am sorry George but wouldn’t it be nice to have something different for dessert?”.

“I guess so”, said George sadly.

Then he went up to his room and read a book to get his mind off things. When he was reading his baby sister Ella started crying. Now, it was pretty hard to read. But soon she stopped.

“I wonder what made her stop?” thought George.

But then he thought of something. Maybe his mom didn’t want to make any cheesecake because she didn’t have all the ingredients and maybe Ella stopped crying so soon because his mom fed all the cake to her. If you put it all together it makes sense. That is where all the cheesecake went.

“Mmmmm”, said George hungrily.

So he went downstairs to ask his mom if his answers were right. When he got downstairs this is what he asked.

“Mom, did you not want to make cheesecake because you used up all the ingredients to feed Ella?”

“Yes” said mom.

“And can you go shopping?”

“Yes!” said mom again.

“And can I go with you?”

“Yes!” said mom getting pretty annoyed.

So they went shopping and this is what they bought:

· Cream cheese

· Sugar

· Eggs

· Butter

· Graham crackers

· Chocolate

When they got home they made cheesecake then shared it with their family. And that is the story of the cheesecake mystery.


Finding Spike
By Rio Trousdell

Once upon a time there lived a little monster. This little monster’s name was Prickle. Prickle was very prickly and he loved his prickles. But what he loved most of all was his pet Spike the porcupine. So one day when he was playing with Spike his monster phone rang.

“I wonder who that is?” thought Prickle as he got up from his chair to see who was calling.

“Prickle here” said Prickle.

But no one answered so he hung up. Then he went back to his room to play with Spike. But when he got there the door of Spike’s cage was open and Spike wasn’t in his cage.

“Oh no!” said Prickle.

He was so scared. Spike was his favourite.

“I have to go looking for him!” said Prickle.

But how? How was he going to find Spike?

“I have an idea!” said Prickle. “I can ask Zoom if I can borrow his bike (Zoom was one of Prickle’s friends).
So he went to Zoom’s house and asked Zoom if he could borrow Zoom’s bike to help him look for Spike. Zoom said yes, so Prickle took the bike and off he went pedaling so fast you could only see a blur of blue and green (Prickle was blue and green).

When he got to the woods he stopped because this was Spike’s favourite hiding spot. Prickle looked around and then out of the corner of his eye he saw something prickly. Was it Spike? Did he really find Spike so soon? Then when he got a little closer he saw Spike!! Spike was all curled up in a ball and he looked cold and hungry, but most of all he was soaking wet! It was pouring rain. Prickle was so happy he had found Spike that he hadn’t noticed that he was soaked from head to toe with freezing cold water too but he didn’t care. He was just happy he found Spike! And that is the story of “Finding Spike”.



Ok, I know I'm her mother - but pretty cute, right?!


  1. Tremendous writing, she might have a budding career ahead of her...well done Rio!

  2. um ya REALLY CUTE RIO!!!! i love these stories. I want to tell them to my non-existent kids ;)