Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Furniture Placement

The other morning Rio crawled into bed with me after Jordan had already left for work, but before her brothers were awake. As we do when that situation presents itself (not very often these days that she wakes before the boys), we began to chat. Lying in bed staring at the four walls of my bedroom, the conversation turned to our home renos, and what this bedroom will be like when it's hers (because Jordan and I are switching rooms with Rio).

She immediately focussed on the placement of her bed. Jordan and I are limited because we have a queen sized bed and with the location of the window, closet, and door, there was really only one place to put it. But Rio has a double, so she has more options. I pointed out one corner, I pointed out another corner, I pointed out a different wall, and then I suggested she put it just where our bed is.

She looked around the room thoughtfully for a moment before saying "Oh mama, I would never put the bed where yours is". Before I had a chance to ask her why, she continued. "I have to put the bed in one of the corners so it's easier for Asher to get around. My bed would totally be in his way if I put it here".

Nearly speechless, I said "You're right Rio, good point". But what I thought immediately after was more along the lines of "Rio, you are the best, most thoughtful, wisest sister in the entire world."

You see Rio knows this reno is to accommodate Asher's wheelchair. We adults have carefully planned the layout of the house and yes, that will even carry through to furniture placement in the shared living areas. But her bedroom? Sure, when the time comes, we will encourage her to put her furniture in places that will allow the most space for Asher, but are we thinking of her bedroom now? Absolutely not. She is though, and that is what makes her the amazing girl she is.

When I try to say that Rio could not possibly be a better sister/advocate/friend/hero to two little boys with a disability, I never seem to do her justice. I hope this simple example begins to.

Not exactly a current picture of Rio in her bed (or even in her current bedroom), but I couldn't resist!


  1. She's a little angel, Tracey!

  2. awesome! amazing! Rio is a true champion. I hope you gals have a great time in Van!

  3. rio, I really love you even though we have never met. You remind me so much of my own daughter who also has this special insight into difference. She always finds it strange when people don't understand when she says Cerebral palsy or disability. To her its just normal, common sense, a positive part of her life xxxx would love to meet you one day xx Tracey let's swap house Reno pics when it's all happening! Have you discovered the houzz app?