Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Coming Home

Today is four years since we brought the boys home from the hospital after five months in the NICU. Asher was five times his birth weight when he was discharged, and Nolan six times. It took Rio til she was more than five years old to be six times her birth weight - think about that and realize the magnitude of just how much growing they did in five months.

152 long, long days they were in the hospital. When I think back to that time I can't believe we all survived - but somehow we did. How did we? I will never know, yet at the same time I'm always shocked by how distant those memories have become. I have friends whose kids are in and out of the hospital and I always think "How do they do it?" and then I realize "Wait a minute. YOU did it". It's all very surreal.

I laid in bed last night thinking of the last few days preceding homecoming. For four days we knew the boys would be coming home (longer than most families who often only get 24 hours) but it was a production so we needed planning. There were carseat tests and rooming in, and a last minute flurry of activity to get a house ready. I know, we had five months to prepare for homecoming, you'd think we would have been ready on the home front. But in fact it was just the opposite - not knowing if you are ever actually going to bring one, much less both, home makes you wait until it's an actual reality before you get your hopes up. It was a time of much excitement, yet also a bit of fear about how we were going to take care of these still very fragile babies - not to mention the simple fact that suddenly we were going from one child to three. Twins! That was some work in itself!

Although today is not their real birthday, it is almost more important to me. The day of their actual birth will always bring back traumatic memories, but today brings nothing but joy, and a reminder of one of the happiest days of our lives. Together at last.

The past four years have been a wild ride, and will likely continue to be. But as long as we're all together, we'll make it. When you are blessed to have that perspective, care of facing an alternate reality where you weren't all together, you can face anything. Happy Homecoming to our miracles!

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  1. April 2nd -forever a special day in your heart. It also has significance; it was the day you brought 2 little angels home with you.

  2. Happy homecoming - what a special anniversary!