Monday, April 28, 2014


Asher loves to swing. Loves it. Really, what kid doesn't (ok well actually Rio was terrified of swings til she was around 5), but I think in Asher's case it is especially 'freeing'. I can only imagine how good it must feel to move so easily, without having to do any work. Jordan built the kids a killer swingset two years ago and we've always had a swing for Asher, but each summer we've needed to upgrade.

First there was the baby swing that I researched the heck out of and found one that looked excellent and good up to 55 lbs. Well we got it and I quickly realized it may hold 55 lbs, but a 55 pounder that can move their legs on command is a lot different than a [still much smaller than 55 pound] kid who can't. It became impossible to get him in and out, so we knew we'd need to figure something else out.

Then last summer we took a kids' bucket swing and rigged up a strap that kept Asher safely in. Rio fit in that swing so theoretically it could have lasted Asher a long time. But once again, when you are lifting a body that is sometimes stiff and other times floppy, it makes getting in and out of a makeshift swing more difficult. So back to the drawing board.

After some brainstorming, I realized that as much as Jordan and I take pride in modifying every day items to meet Asher's needs, sometimes we need to turn to actual special needs products. The problem with that, however, is a big one: Price. Always so expense. Like every time I tell you something for Asher is pricey, I want you to take a price that you think is reasonable and quadruple it. That's likely what we pay.

Anyway, fast forward to this spring. My mind wasn't really on the swing set yet, but after I ordered the Upsee care of our very generous benefactors, there was still some excess money to spend. Unsure of what I'd spend it on, I stumbled upon a thread about swings in an online special needs group that very same day. It was meant to be! Several people shared links to their swings and I was familiar with all of them - mostly because they were so far out of our price range. Then one mom shared a link to a product I'd never seen before and after some careful questioning about its quality (because it was almost $200 cheaper than the next cheapest I'd seen) she told me to order it and I wouldn't regret it. Well she was right. Here's the evidence for you to see for yourself:

And who am I trying to kid - photos aren't nearly as good as video because you can't hear Asher's excitement...

Backyard time used to be a bit challenging for me, trying to find ways to keep Asher entertained without constantly carrying him, while the other two moved about. Thanks to this swing, I don't think we'll have any trouble this summer or for several summers going forward! This swing is good to 110 lbs (with tons of adjustable straps on the harness), and while we may not get that much life out of it, I feel that this one is going to last. 


  1. MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE! (: I lovelovelove the joy on their faces (all three of them!!)!

  2. Here's the thing: On my 'puter, after I watch the vid of the kids swinging, what comes up are a whole bunch of options of vids about another kind of swinging!

  3. love this ! kids playing and laughing is one heck of a good sound. xo

  4. Can you share where to purchase the swing? I think it might work really well for my little guy! Thanks!

    1. You bet! Not sure where you're from but this is a Canadian site...