Monday, April 7, 2014


As those of you who follow the blog on Facebook know, I have been very excited about a new product that is being launched - the Firefly UpSee (be sure to click on the link if this is the first you've seen of it, although I caution you it may not load if the site remains this busy).

When I first heard about the product a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled. A chance for Asher to walk with us without his giant gait trainer, or without us hunched over, killing our backs with not enough hands to support him? Yes please! Sign me up!

So sign up was what I did - for a webinar that is. That was the first step before you found out any information about the product. Several days passed and the price was leaked ($489 USD - yikes!) but that didn't put a damper on my excitement. We'd come up with the money if the product looked to be a fit.

The night before watching the webinar (I keep wanting to call it an infomercial!) my good friend phoned me with a BIG surprise. Knowing I would never want to ask for help, she took it upon herself to fundraise enough (and then some) for us to buy it. She didn't canvass close friends of ours, she canvassed close friends of hers. Aside from a couple of friends in common, most of the people who contributed are acquaintances, and a few of them are complete strangers. To say we are overwhelmed, thankful, and humbled, is the understatement of the year. The thing is these people saw the promise for Asher in this product too, and were happy to help. We are not alone in our hopes for this, and we are so, so grateful for the support.

The webinar was amazingly inspiring. I watched, through tears, while every parent who had trialled it with their child explained how life changing it was for their entire family.

Today, finally, my "Christmas day" arrived and the product was available to order. I was online bright and early, ready to purchase, but the site was down due to overwhelming demand. It was as if I woke up Christmas morning, only to find a note at the bottom of the chimney saying "Sorry, few chimneys were a little tighter than I expected and one of the reindeer broke a foot on a bad landing. We weren't expecting these delays but we're doing our best to be back at it as quickly as possible. Be there as soon as I can. Love, Santa". Ugh. Waiting is not my forte.

Eventually it was ordered, more than 6 hours after the official launch time and after a whole lot of refreshing multiple web browser platforms on two computers. Originally they said it will be up to 12 weeks until it arrives, but now I'm worried it will be even longer given the unprecedented demand. So I will have to try to stop thinking about it because either way that's a loooong time to wait for something so exciting.

The possibilities for all of us are endless. Asher will be able to walk with us. Nolan will be able to run with us. The boys will be able to walk together, hand in hand. Oh Upsee, I can't wait for you to change our lives too.


  1. Looking forward to a review after you get it!Looks awesome but waiting to see what others think before ordering.

  2. This makes me smile ear to ear! :)

  3. OMG I knew it! I was hoping (before I knew you knew about it) that this would be something you guys would love/like all of that. YAH. Can't wait to hear about the outcome. PS. you got good friends TT. xo