Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beach Time

While Rio was at the beach with her class on a field trip, the boys and I were at another beach today. It was a fluke, really. We needed to kill some time after therapy while Jordan slept after night shift. I was reminded of a park/beach not far from the therapy gym so off we set. Picnic tables? Check. Bathrooms? Check. Grass? Check. Playground? Check. Sand and ocean? Check. It checked all the boxes.

Let me back up, however, and say I had no intention of actually taking the boys to the beach. That is an impossible task for me. Carrying Asher and his 40+ pounds, plus our stuff, plus holding Nolan's hand while he tumbles (likely on repeat) is just not in the cards. But sitting on the grass near the beach sounded just as magical.

So imagine my surprise when said beach had a wheelchair ramp onto the sand! Am I just clueless and these actually exist at beaches, or are they really onto something here? No other beach we frequent in Victoria has a ramp....although given that there are literally hundreds of beaches in Victoria, it's fair to admit I may not have encountered them all. Here's a little look:

From the gravel path where we sat on benches and had lunch, there's a concrete ramp. Then at the bottom of the ramp there's a "carpet" (I don't know what else to call it?) that goes near to the water - in fact given all of the seaweed that was washed up on it, I'd say it goes right to the water depending on where the tide is at. 

Although I have no pictures to prove it, you can use your imagination to see me wheeling Asher down that ramp and carpet and parking it in the sand. Suddenly the conundrum of not being able to go to the beach is solved! Sure today wasn't the best beach experience because we had no blanket to sit on, no flip flops (runners, knee high socks and AFOs aren't really the best beach attire), and no toys to dig with, but it was a good first try nonetheless. And of course, of the hundreds of beaches in Victoria, this one does happen to be all the way across town and verrrrrry popular, so in the height of summer it may be a nightmare. But I won't focus on that and what I will focus on is: Picnic tables, bathrooms, grass, playground, sand and ocean. More specifically, sand and ocean that Asher can access. I'm a very happy mama. 

Who wouldn't be when you have these dapper gents by your side for a picnic?

And to leave you with one funny picture...when we first arrived at the beach the boys didn't care about the possibility of picnic, playground or beach. All they cared about was the construction site beside the beach. BOYS! So typical!

Oh beach weather - I'm so glad you've arrived! (At least for now). I see a summer of sandy feet ahead!

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  1. Beach ramp, construction site what more could two little boys want!!