Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm Not Special

Ok so I didn't write what I'm about to share with you (after what turns out to be a verbose intro) so you may not be compelled to click on it - but PLEASE do. This is an important read to me. Let me convince you.

While I appreciate people telling me I'm "super mom" and they "don't know how I do it" that always makes me feel uncomfortable and puts added pressure on me on the days when I am NOT a great mom. Trust me, those days exist. Just yesterday I had a mom stop me in public to tell me she loved overhearing how I communicated with the boys. I was proud as a peacock, I will admit, and felt really, really great about my mothering skills. "I've got this", I thought to myself, pretty high on life. That was until not forty five minutes later when I yelled at the boys in the van. Not raised my voice - yelled. Don't judge me (or do, your choice), I am trying to make the point that I can be a good mom, and a not so good mom, all in the span of one hour. That has NOTHING to do with the fact my kids have special needs.

You see, I "do it" because I love my kids, just like every other mom. I "do it" some days better than others, just like every other mom. I "do it" because I am a mom, pure and simple - nothing to do with special needs.

Don't get me wrong, I am the first to tell you that sometimes my life is more challenging than yours because sometimes it is. But you know what - sometimes your life has more struggles than mine. My life is pretty darn good and blessed, and we all have our ups and downs. Sometimes being a special needs mom is part of the downs, but more often it's part of the ups. I am not special. I am just a mom. I find that of the friends that have come and gone in my life since the boys' birth, the ones I am still the closest to are the ones that really get it. By that I mean they aren't afraid to talk to me about the hard stuff the comes along with my life, but also aren't afraid to have a regular old fashioned vent about the other hard stuff - just being a mom, raising the best kids we can.

So in light of all that - please have a read right here. She makes so many amazing points that I didn't even try to make because she's bang on and hilarious so why would I bother. Plus she sort of drops an f-bomb which makes me love her even more. Because yes I do that too, just not here!

Happy weekend, friends.

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