Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It Fits!

Yesterday I was reading Kate Leong's blog post about her ten year wedding anniversary coming up. (If you don't know Kate's story - MY GOD - get caught up on her blog Chasing Rainbows. She and her family are amazing.) To celebrate the past ten years, she and her husband and their two kids are "eloping" to Vegas, where they'll renew their vows. The kicker - and the part that jumped out at me - is that she's bringing her wedding dress.

Next month, Jordan and I are also celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary. We too, have been through our share in the past ten years - safe to say more than a lot of married couples at our stage of the game. We've had good times, bad times, and a whole lot of in between times. While we aren't renewing our vows in Vegas, we will be celebrating with friends at the beach property where we got married.

This morning I was still thinking about Kate's post, particularly about her dress. I have wanted to take my dress out and try it on for years but never had the guts, and here Kate was, planning to wear it in public again.  So before I changed my mind, I raced in the house with ten minutes to spare between finishing my errands and picking up the boys from preschool and I tried it on. Normally, I despise selfies, but since I was the only one home and needed evidence of this moment, I will share these with you. First, how it looked ten years ago:

And now today. So spur of the moment that I still had my sunglasses on my head, and what you see behind me is my clothes all messed up in piles of archival paper that I ripped out of the dress before I had a chance to see how it should all be packaged up again when I'm done:

And from behind, so that when I look back on this I don't go "But did you actually do the zipper all the way up?".

IT FIT. It actually fit. Sure if you saw me up close it was not nearly as flattering a fit as it was on my wedding day and I certainly could benefit from a pair of spanx this time around - but I don't care. The zipper did up and that's all that matters. And listen, I was counting on it not fitting so I certainly don't think I deserve a pat on the back just because it does. Fit, not fit - that really wasn't the point. The point was, I actually tried it on - something I've been wanting to and for some reason avoiding. Maybe because the girl who wore that dress ten years ago is a very different person from the haggard old broad (kidding! sort of?!) who tried it on today, and I've been scared to face that? I'm not sure, but now it's done and it can get safely packed away for another decade.

Ten years, four babies, testing the limits of 'in sickness and in health', and a whole lot of stress eating as a result - and I could still get the dress on. My day has been made.

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  1. I loved your flowers on your big day!!!! (jealous) ;) You look fab too!!