Monday, May 26, 2014

Just Reading

Nothing strange about this sight. Sitting, looking out the window and reading next to his bookshelf - that's normal business around here.

Except that's not Asher.

While Asher was out of his chair, Nolan decided to climb on board and give it a try, somehow managing to slide the tray on himself. The resemblance from behind is obviously an easy mistake. But face on - no one could see that smirk and think it's anyone but Nolan.

It's interesting timing because we've been doing a lot of thinking about all of Asher's "stuff" and how it all affects Nolan. This is a clear example that even if Nolan knows he doesn't need any of it, it doesn't mean he can't take it for a spin to try it out. So that begs the question - what happens when Asher's power chair is left unattended?! God help whoever is in Nolan's way....

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