Monday, May 5, 2014


Yesterday the boys went to a birthday party for their very good friend from preschool. The family was lovely and gracious and very accommodating to Asher's needs, plus the boys had a ton of fun and really great behaviour. I'd call that complete success! It's not the party that's noteworthy however, so much as the aftermath.

I brought the boys in from the car and put Asher on the couch while I gathered the rest of the stuff. Asher was quiet for a minute so I didn't rush in to see him, but I definitely went back within 4 or 5 minutes - and in that short period of time this is what I found:

Zonked! I left him to snooze but didn't want to affect bedtime so after a few minutes picked him up in an effort to wake him. No go. So I decided I should probably just settle in and enjoy this for a few minutes because it happens so rarely these days (Rio the photographer says I look weird. So apparently you should focus on Asher, not me):

After a few more minutes of dead-to-the-world sleep like this, I decided I really had to wake him or I'd pay the price later with some sort of circus animal routine at bed time. This is what ensued after I tried to sit him up on my lap:

The funny thing is, this went on for a long time before I even started recording. That kid was OUT. And yes, I know I'm probably a mean mom to have recorded that and shared it, but is he cute or what?!! (The correct answer is "Yes, very very cute" in case you weren't sure).

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  1. Poor guy! So tired but mom won't let him sleep ;) And what eyelashes!!!