Friday, May 23, 2014

Transition to Kindergarten

Yesterday we had our transition to kindergarten meeting. Not the fun "Welcome to Kindergarten" meeting, like every child in the boys' entry year at our school will have next Tuesday (or likely every school in the province will have sometime this spring), but a special meeting to address the boys' support needs next year.

There was a cast of thousands in attendance. Ok, not quite thousands, but hundreds. Ok, ok, not hundreds. ELEVEN. There's the truth. ELEVEN. That said, that's a lot of people - that number of professionals has not been in a room together on our behalf since the boys' delivery room. This was only slightly less painful. KIDDING! (and wow have I come a long way that I can make a joke in reference to the boys' birth!). Annnnnnyway, I digress. At this meeting, we had:

Jordan and I
Their principal
Their teacher
The school's learning resource teacher
The district's learning resource teacher
Our current OT
Our current PT
The school PT
Someone else from the district (not sure what her role was?)
The head of the EAs (educational assistants)

It was a bit overwhelming.

Don't get me wrong, everyone was great. The team is all on board and has the same hopes we do for the boys' school experience so we definitely feel good about that. But spending an hour reviewing the things your kids cannot do (mixed in with the things they can do, of course)? That isn't fun. It's the opposite of fun in fact. I did a whole lot of nodding while sniffling into my kleenex. But hey, there was no full on sobbing, so I'll call that a win.

All that said, through the tears I actually laughed at times. I felt happy. Optimistic. Hopeful. I have no doubt that the boys, and us, will be very supported when kindergarten begins. Will we have our therapists at our finger tips like we do now? No, we won't, and that will be a big, difficult change. But we will have an incredibly supportive school staff to take their place, so I can't complain about that. In fact, I can only be thankful for it. I went into that meeting with an incredibly long list and it was all covered off at their instigation. They showed me we are definitely all on the same page. The school is excited. They're positive. They're certain that while they will teach Asher and Nolan, the boys will be the real teachers. I couldn't agree more.

Through my tears, anxiety, and hesitation, I can see there are only good things ahead. Remind me of that come September, ok?