Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome to Big Boy School

After last week's great, but somewhat heavy, meeting with the adults about transitioning the boys to kindergarten, yesterday was all about the boys. Welcome to kindergarten, Asher and Nolan!

With the other intakes from all three kindergarten classes at our school next year, the boys visited the school gym and moved around from station to station, partaking in various kindergarten activities. Although everyone already knows the boys, it's an opportunity for the kids to meet the teachers, as well as give the teachers a chance to observe all of the kids. I am pleased to say the boys were very well behaved (even if Asher has zero concept of what "whisper" means). The one time Nolan interrupted his teacher while she was presenting to the whole group, he actually put his hand up - pretty darn adorable.

The boys had fun and felt very special. How I felt is another story, but I will remind myself it's the kids they'll grow up with, not some of the clueless parents. And once again, the teachers and the principal showed us a warm, welcoming, and supportive attitude and that counts for a lot. Everything, really.

Nolan, ready to make a break for it. So excited to get going, I was inconveniencing him with a photo. 

Story time with the librarian.

Self portrait #1. SO PROUD of his printing/drawing and the amount of effort that takes him.

Self portrait #2. An abstract rendition of himself. And no, I will not correct those backwards Ns ever.

Kings of kindergarten.

Loot bags!

According to these two, September can't get here fast enough. I wish I felt the same!


  1. I am struggling with school now so its nice to see that school is going well for you guys

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! They are going to school!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY RIGHT??!!!! These little mini boys...the boys I swear I worried about more than anything I had in a very long time for like their first 5 months ...the little mini things - they are BIG BEAUTIFUL BOYS going to Kindergarten in a couple months NUTS is all I can say. WILD. and amazing. its a bit of an end of an era Tracey. SO stoked for you all. Growing up and all. xoxoxooxoxo

  3. They are so cute! And look so grownup! Good job, boys! Officially "big boys" now!

  4. Just catching up on all your news. Big big step come September. Enjoy these Summer holidays and I'll be thinking of you xx bron