Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Really Happening

Things have been quiet on the blog front, I realize. That's because things have been anything but quiet at home. There's a good reason why: Our renovation. I'm finally spilling the beans because it's starting this week!

To back track a bit, I've been mentioning it here and there. "When we do the renos", or "When the house is wheelchair accessible" or something along those lines. I've been giving hints about it, but no details. For good reason - I've never really believed it would happen.

The process has been ongoing for a year. Last July we found out about potential grant money for an accessible home reno (and van), and that is where it all started. We planned, we designed, we agreed, we disagreed, we stressed, we argued, we were excited, we were scared. And on and on and on it went for a solid five months until our house was designed and the application for the grant was in. I felt good about our application and our chances for getting the grant, not to mention the killer house we had designed allowing independence and accessibility for Asher, but yet I still didn't really believe it would happen.

And then we waited for a decision, and then we stressed some more. And the grant money was available, and then it wasn't, and then it was less than we had planned on and then it was more. Finally, we had an answer about the grant, but I still didn't really believe it would happen.

And then we dealt with figuring out the finances and how we were actually going to pay for it [the majority of the cost, not covered by the grant]. And guess what? I stressed some more. But eventually we got it all sorted and a plan was in place, although I still didn't really believe it would happen.

And then we had conversation after conversation after conversation with our contractor/close friend about how it was all going to go down. Applications for permits even went in. Crews and trades were secured. But as much as all signs pointed to it happening, I still didn't really believe it would happen.

And then we started picking out finishings and paint and everything that's needed to complete our forever home. As much as Jordan and I nailed down our style and exactly what we wanted our house to look like when it was complete, and as excited as we were for this beautiful "new" home, I still didn't really believe it would happen.

But guess what friends? Despite all the stress and worrying to the contrary - it's really happening!

The house plans on my kitchen table and the permit applications about to be approved assure me of that fact. Our house is going to be torn apart. Our yard is going to be dug up. Rooms we've lived in for seven years will vanish and new layouts and a whole new addition will take their place. We're going to be uprooted for the foreseeable future while everything we know and love (or hate) about this house is altered. I won't give you too many details because there's not enough time or words to explain everything we're doing. I'll just say that short of tearing down the house and re-building from the ground up, we're going through a massive transformation. 

The next several months will likely be highly stressful but I am trying not to focus on that, and instead enjoy it as it's happening. This is all for the greater good. At the end of this very long process we will have a home that is beautiful and everything we could ask for - but most importantly, highly functional for everyone - including Asher, now and in the long term.

So now it's time to buckle up and put our hard hats and steel toed boots on (metaphorically for me and the kids; literally for Jordan). I keep pinching myself because it's been planned for so long and now the time is finally here. Well almost here. Before that, we have an entire house to pack up and store before the demolition begins. 

I still can't believe it. But it's actually really happening!

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  1. How exciting! I am loving following your house renos. Thrilled of you all cxx