Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Wish

Rio throws her money in the wishing well and makes a wish. She then confidently tells me it's not a wish about her - but she knows it will come true. Knows it.

Later I ask her to let me guess what she wished for because I am intrigued. I only need one guess:

Asher. Walking.

My heart melts. "Really, with your one wish you wished for Asher to walk?", I ask.

"Mama, every time I get a chance to make a wish, that's what I wish for".

Heart melts more.

The best part: she knows it will come true.

The first time she ever held him - 4 months old and still in the NICU. 


  1. He does in the Upssee!!! so its already come true :) I know, not quite the same. Really sweet shot. xo

  2. He couldn't ask for a better big sister. They are both blessed to have her.

  3. she's such a beautiful person.