Monday, July 21, 2014

Renovation - Week 2

After the progress made in week 1, I assumed that in week 2 we'd see fewer major changes. I mean come on, how could they continue the pace they were working at? Surprise, surprise, I was wrong and week two's progress was equally as mind blowing. We have a completely framed addition. It's amazing.

Jordan and I continue to be humbled by how hard everyone is working. It's always been our dream to have our friend Piet build us a house, and then for many years we didn't think that would ever be a reality. Now it is and we couldn't feel more blessed that he and his business partner Brad (along with the rest of their crew) are at the helm. They truly are masters of their craft and it is evidenced by not only their product, but by how enthusiastic they are about their work.

Enough chit chat, I'll get to what you're all waiting for - week two in pictures:

Big fat doorways:

Party shower:

Gross electrical. Gross plumbing. Gross basement. All being remedied.

The addition:

Elevator shaft:

Week three will bring more significant plumbing and electrical as well as the sourcing of roofing, insulation, drywall, siding, and deck. My head is spinning with details and decisions, and single parenting (because of a hardworking husband who is either at his real job or the house 16 hours a day) but I am remembering to feel thankful and not complain - always keeping my eyes on the prize.

Onward, week three. Let's see what you bring.


  1. How's my room know, the one with the big shower ??

    1. Yes, the bathroom could certainly double as a separate guest suite. Just throw a little fridge in there and Gramma's got a space all to herself ;)

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