Monday, July 28, 2014

Renovation - Week 3

Week three brought some more sizable changes to the house. Not only do we have a roof and a deck, as well as some major plumbing and electrical work, but we also finalized our kitchen and our tile - two big design decisions that I'm happy to have out of the way after soooo much thinking and staring at Houzz and Dwell!

You can really see now how the addition is taking shape. When we first started designing the addition with Piet, it was quickly decided that trying to somehow "match" the look of our 1950s bungalow wouldn't work - mostly because 1950s bungalows aren't the size our finished house is going to be. So instead, we decided to go completely different and modern on the addition. If it's obvious you've added an extension to your house, why not make it stand out? So that's what you'll see with the roof line in particular, and soon the exterior finishing. It's going to be a beaut! As is the front that will completely maintain it's mid-century charm. The best of both really.

If you're friends with Jordan and me on Facebook, these photos will be anti-climactic because he posted a bunch of them yesterday. But for the non-Facebookers, here ya go - week three in photos:

A maze of concrete trenches for all the new plumbing in the basement:

 Roof building:

Look at that roofline! Stunning!

Torch on:

The gods of Glenairlie doing some planning:

Forming deck posts:

Extended deck:

Vinyl laid. Officially the first finished component!

Our old kitchen taking shape as a bathroom:

If all goes according to plan, week four will see some major exterior finishing, along with more electrical, plumbing, concrete and ducting. Have I mentioned how much FUN it is, watching this unfold?! Every time I visit I cannot believe THIS IS MY HOUSE! We feel very lucky indeed.

Onward week four...


  1. Wow! You're well on on your way with regard to the renovation. That's cool! I'm glad to see how it has been a bit of a collaborative activity among you guys. Plumbing should be that way, I guess. The most able hands and minds all there together and working out the situation. Kudos to you!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing