Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Portlandia 2014

Another fun and successful trip to Portland (and Shriners) is in the books!

We ate, we shopped, we ate, we went to Shriners, we ate, we went sight seeing, we ate, we ate, we ate. Catch my drift? We Trousdells like to eat so Portland was made for us.

(Asher slept through dinner)

The kids were champs. They survived long ferry/border/car trips like seasoned travelers. They ate with the extensive palates they've already developed. And they had the stamina of professional hospital patients (which they are) at not one, not two, but three Shriners visits. The trip was a total success.

We went to Shriners with some important conversations in hand about the possibility of oral meds and botox for Asher. We left with some decisions to be made and another set of conversations to be had with our local doctors, not to mention a new set of AFOs for Nolan. Lots to process, but what else is new. Lots of good potential ahead too.

Now we're back to reality and into the throes of the reno. This summer is flying by with seemingly only stress and not a lot of fun so we are thankful for our week away together. Always stuff to keep us busy of course - like a new wheelchair for Asher tomorrow. Woot woot! (Who'd ever have thought I'd be excited for that?!)


  1. I want to travel with you guys for the donuts and the conversation :) xx one day!