Saturday, August 2, 2014

Renovation - Week 4

This week's post is coming to you a bit early as we're headed to Portland for 6 days on Sunday morning (more on that when we return). We're excited to get away together and just hang out for a much needed break. Wish us luck with the BC Day long weekend ferry and border traffic!

This week at the house brought a ton of exterior changes, as well as the start of some basement bathrooms taking shape, and lots of electrical underway. Of biggest note we have siding, windows, and doors. There's still a lot of wood detailing and trim to come (everywhere you still see black will be wood), as well as paint on the doors and the existing stucco, but gives you a good idea of how the outside of the house will look.

Next week while we're away work won't stop all together, but it will slow down. We're hoping plumbing/electrical/ducting will be more or less completed so that upon our return we can soon start insulation and drywall. Walls, real walls! That's just around the corner...better start picking out some paint!

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  1. Wow! LOVE the look!! Congratulations!
    Hope your Portland visit goes well ...
    xo - A