Monday, August 18, 2014

Renovation - Week 6

Week 6 brought a lot of important changes in the house - namely, the completion of plumbing, electrical and ducting (well at least as much as can be finished before drywall goes up), as well as some final finishing touches on the roof. The good news is that stuff is done and awaiting final inspection this week.

The bad news is it's all boring stuff that doesn't translate to photos. So I've got one lonely photo that was taken at the start of the week before our builders took a few weeks off for the other trades to finish up. I give you: a completed front entrance...

Actually that's a lie. It's really nowhere near completed. The door itself needs to be painted (color suggestions anyone?), the stucco and trim on the existing house need to be painted, the lights, doorbell, house number and mail box need to be installed - and then there's the whole front yard that still needs a ton of work. But the little foyer itself is done and was worthy of a photo. Because that wood trim is a thing of beauty.

If the inspection goes well this week, insulation and drywall should start soon after. And then there's flooring and paint and bathrooms and before we know it, a real live HOUSE! Ok I know that is weeks and weeks and weeks away, but don't burst my bubble! Can you tell I need it to be done soon?!

Here's to a productive week 7!

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  1. I always love a red front door. Colour of Love. xo