Monday, August 25, 2014

Renovation - Week 7

Great news this past week - the house passed framing, electrical, and plumbing inspections. Although there have been a bunch of smaller inspections along the way, these were the big ones that allow us to move forward with drywall and finishing. What a relief!

Again, not so many photos this week, but last finicky bits of interior framing is done, all plumbing and electrical rough ins are complete, and ducting and insulation are in.

We're ready for walls! Drywall starts Wednesday and I can't wait to see the walls take real shape over the coming couple of weeks. In the mean time Jordan has been kept busy by doing lots of prep and cleanup from the past six weeks. Have I mentioned how glad I am that he's so "handy"? That word doesn't really do justice to how much paid labour he has saved us on this job. My sanity certainly hasn't been saved by him never being home but that's a whole other story!

With drywall and hopefully exterior paint starting this week, that will be another huge chunk underway. We're still a long way from completion but every big step gets us that much closer.

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  1. I think the next stages are quicker and relatively easy...not for me of course but the pros who love that drywall dust can hang boards like nobodies business.
    I particularly like your indoor BBQ room.