Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Days

First day of school for five kids (we're living with my niece and nephew, remember?). The past two mornings have been busy. Kindergarten, Grade 3, Grade 8, and Grade 11 at three schools with varying start times and days. I'll start by showing off the kids who went on Monday....

Grade 3 and Grade 8

And then the three who started today:

Kindergarten and Grade 11

Everybody now! What beauties!

Today and the days leading up to it have been emotional, I won't lie. The good news is, I really only cried for a few days before the start of kindergarten, unlike the weeks I cried before the start of preschool. You guys, this is hard. I know it's tough for any mom to send their child off to kindergarten, especially their last child(ren). But it is especially hard when your children have special needs and things are going to be different for them. I mean come on, Asher is the only one in a wheelchair, and they are the only two with CP. They're not going to go unnoticed and they're going to have challenges at school that most other kids won't face. For a protective mom, that's a hard pill to swallow.

While I feel incredibly thankful that they have a ton of support, it also made me sad that on the first day they have a ton of support. There is no "normal" first day for them where the parents go in and check out the classroom for a bit and leave. Not only did I stay, but several other people were there to offer expertise. I will give credit to everyone involved and say that it was as normal as possible with a lot of observing from afar and letting Asher do his thing. I am so thankful everyone was sensitive to that so I think it really went as well as it could have.

Even though the boys showed a little trepidation today, they're ready, whether I am or not. After all the worrying I did about them being cognitively ready to start kindergarten at just four years old, I know now that was futile because they are bright, social little boys and I already got evidence today of how easily they can interact with others, even when they're shy. Not to mention that Asher is already an incredibly good self-advocate, and that will only improve with age. So I need to take some deep breaths and remember that they are likely much more ready for all of this than I am. But can I remind you of how they started and you'll see why I'm having  such a hard time letting go?!

We were just there, and now we're here. How did that happen and why can't it be easier to let them into the big bad world?

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  1. You have beautiful children! That picture with Asher,Nolan and Rio made me tear up.It is just so obvious how much she loves her brothers, how much they all love each other.Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures :)