Sunday, September 21, 2014

Renovation - Week 11

This week the majority of the work on the house focussed on completing as much as possible in the suite. The plan is that our family will move back into the [very cramped for five people] suite for the next month or so while upstairs is finishing. Although we will be giving up all the space we've had living at my sister's, it will be our own space. Not to mention the fact that now that school is starting it will be a 5 minute walk from home, as opposed to a twenty minute drive from my sister's. So it's not quite done but it's getting there, and we're hoping to get back in the next couple of weeks.

This week also brought the return of our builders who took several weeks off while trades did their thing. They'll now be here off and on doing finishings until completion. The most notable completion this week was wood trim. Daaaayummm, it looks good.

Suite flooring going down:

Suite living it's not a curved room, that's a panoramic picture gone awry:

Start of a suite kitchen:

Week 12 will bring the completion of drywall and hopefully the start of interior paint. And my God if it isn't the FINISH of exterior paint, I'm going to lose it! (Different painters, needless to say).  I can't believe we are almost ready to move back in. Sure, to 650 square feet of basement, but it'll be HOME!

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