Monday, September 29, 2014

Renovation - Week 12

Week 12 of the renovation. Almost three months in. And this is the first week I really only want to say one thing:


This week was lame. Drywall finished, and they did a great job. Exterior paint finished (finally!), and they did a mediocre job. Plumbers hooked up the suite and it's one step closer to us moving in down there (fingers crossed within the week). Kitchen install date is booked. All of that is great.

But then it rained.

You know what happens when it rains? Your new roof gets tested. And sometimes it fails the test. Oh yes indeedy, we sprung a leak. Like I said "Ugh", right?

In fairness to the roofer, he's been awesome and we think this is just bad luck, not a bad job by anyone involved. He's been at our house multiple times sorting it out, including at 7am on two mornings without being asked. The leak appears to be coming from a place where the old house meets the new house and we've *hopefully* ruled out that it's coming from somewhere unknown and just traveling down a joist. Talk about stressful.

But here is the thing - I think it was meant to rain this week and we were meant to find the leak. Let me illustrate:
  • This was the first major rainfall we've had since the roof has been on so the first real test - given the amazing late summer/early fall we've had, it would be feasible that rain could've held off for another few weeks when way more work was done on the house and the damage would be more extensive.
  • The leak was focussed in a door frame where the only thing getting wet was the framing and not the drywall - doors have been waiting but haven't been installed yet. An installed doorframe could have been ruined.
  • The leak was noticed and monitored by our awesome drywallers who called Jordan bright and early in the morning to let him know - Jordan wouldn't have otherwise gone until end of work day when it had been raining, and dripping, all day.
  • The leak only dripped onto subfloor, not brand new wood floors - installation starts this week and I would have lost my mind if brand new hardwood got wet.
  • The leak wasn't big, let's face it. Water was not pouring in. It dripped just enough to be noticed.
So like I said, this leak was meant to be found now, was it not? None of this is a coincidence. Now let's just hope that when Jordan gets up on the roof with a hose to test it (it's stopped raining again) we can put this problem to bed. And more importantly, that in the next couple of weeks when it starts raining regularly and the house is more or less done, that the problem has been solved!


You know what else I'm trying to remind myself of? In the grand scheme of renovation disasters, if this is it for us (knock on wood) we've gotten off pretty easy. No mold. No cracks in the foundation. No sketchy electrical or plumbing that needed to be replaced (ok let me rephrase - a ton of sketchy electrical and plumbing that needed to be replaced, but we planned for that in advance). People can find out terrible things about their house when they do renos and we did not. So I am trying to keep perspective and tell myself that a small leak, found without doing major damage, is not even close to the end of the world.

Anyway, onward. This next week will bring the start of interior paint, hardwood, and trim. I'm really excited to see the floors go in. There is a ton of finicky patching to do where walls were moved or doors were widened, not to mention sand down all of the (63 year old) original hardwood, install the new hardwood (that matches the old) and then refinish it all to be an exact match.

The next several weeks are all going to bring big changes, and big changes this far into the project mean one important thing: We're getting close!!

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