Friday, September 26, 2014

We Survived!

Week one of Grade 3 and Kindergarten are over, and I'm pleased to say everyone survived! That includes me, which is the most shocking.

Rio of course, was a star. There has been zero time for morning drop off in her classroom which on the one hand makes me very sad (because I spend drop off time with the boys) but on the other hand so pleased with how much she is growing and gaining independence. Going forward I am going to have to figure out how to be in two places at one time so I can help the boys get ready for their day but also spend a bit of time with her and getting to know her teacher. May take some juggling.

The boys sailed through the first two half days. They were so excited and other than a few tears from Nolan at home the morning of the second day, very enthused about all of it. The third day brought a bit more of a challenge. Their school day was excellent, but being the first full day there was a major meltdown after school (I'll let you guess who that was). The day is long and for reasons outside of his control it got extended a bit more and he did not handle it well. Needless to say they went to bed early.

Day four finished the week on a high note, but two very tired boys will spend the weekend quietly preparing for next week. Six hour days of school five days a week??? I have no idea how they're going to make it, but they'll have to won't they?! They're excited and doing great (of course they are) so that is the important part.

The highlight of my week was a response to a letter I sent home to the parents in the boys' class.  I outlined what CP is, how our boys are affected, and gave suggestions about how the parents can talk to their kids about it if questions come up. I got THE nicest response from a mom in the class who went out of her way to email me and thank me for the letter. And guess whose child the boys came home talking about most this week? Hers of course. People are good, you guys. I need to remember that.

So with a very tired family, onward we go to week two. Here's hoping with every passing day it gets a little bit easier for all of us. I think the first week was a good indication it's going to.

And for a little throwback bonus....check out these cuties on the first day of Rio's kindergarten. How far we've come.

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