Monday, October 6, 2014

Renovation - Week 13

This week has been huge. In fact, given how close we are to the end, I think every week is going to be huge from here on in. FUN!

Let's back track a bit though, and re-visit the one nasty little outstanding item - the leak. Is it fixed? We're not sure. Is it stressful? Oh boy. Will it be fixed by our super keen and trustworthy roofer? Yes. Sadly we need more rain to give it another test as a hose just doesn't provide the volume or the surface area a good old fashioned west coast downpour can provide. Fingers crossed please.

In other news, although we planned to move back into our basement suite this past weekend, my sister talked us out of it. Basically her family has grown so attached to us that they weren't ready to part with us yet. So they begged for us to stay until upstairs is finished, and as much as we wanted to move home, we caved. What can we say, we're lovable!

No seriously, it was my sister who convinced us but not exactly for those reasons. Basically, she pointed out that we're NUTSO for moving into a one bedroom (not-quite-finished) basement suite when we could wait another week or two until our half of the basement is done. Although the two sides have no connecting door and therefore it's not like we could really utilize the entire space, at least we could move back and forth between the two. And for the sake of the kids and yet another transition, we would be in "our home" - not the tenants' home. So, our move home is prolonged a little bit more but at the rate things are moving it shouldn't be too much longer. Again, fingers crossed.

Anyway, now that the business is out of the way, back to the fun bits. In the past week:

The entire house has been primed and the ceilings and closets have been painted. Paint colors have been selected and while we are going with far less color than in the house previously there are still some bold choices!

Electrical is as done as possible considering we still haven't decided on a few light fixtures. But we're 90% there.

All of the doors have been hung, and many of the windows and doors have been trimmed.

Hardwood floors have been mostly installed and patched but all the original floors still need sanding and all of it needs stain. Oh my gosh is it going to look beautiful. And bright. And did I mention beautiful?

The pantry. Now with a door and trim.

Rio's (formerly our) bedroom - with a new entrance and closet

Our (formerly Rio's) bedroom - with a new closet and en suite

Old patching. Much splicing to ensure a match.

New hardwood - standing in what was our kitchen and is now our "den". (Not sure what to call the space yet but it'll have a big desk so we'll go with den for now).

More new hardwood - standing in what was formerly our sliding glass doors to the deck and is now the entrance to the kitchen and dining room. 

So much fun stuff this week, am I right?!

Next week will include the near completion of floors with the exception of the third and final coat of finish that they don't put on until the kitchen is installed.

Paint will be well underway, with our half of the basement likely done.

Floors in the basement (installed by my dear Jordan) will be bought with install starting on Jordan's next days off.

So much stuff getting accomplished every day now. Oh my gosh, we are really truly GETTING THERE!


  1. Wow - it looks beautiful Tracey - cant wait for our future Skype date so that you can show me around in real life... YAHOOO...amazing! xox

    1. I will walk you around the house with the iPad. It's a date! xo