Monday, October 20, 2014

Renovation - Week 15

This past week saw a lot of paint, and prep for things like tile and kitchen install. The most important thing that happened this week, however, is this:

That is our mattress in the living room of our basement suite (kids are in the bedroom). The suite is not done - it still has quite a lot of finishing to do. But you know what, it's livable. Or at least so we thought until we tried to have a shower and there's no hot water in the shower (although there is in the bathroom and kitchen sinks?!). But you know, we'll survive until the plumber comes, hopefully very soon. In the mean time, we'll try to enjoy the adventure! Already it feels so good to be "home" even if home is a cramped, make shift set up for now.

This coming week is huge - probably one of the biggest since demolition and framing. Our kitchen is going in! And our bathrooms are being tiled! And all of the color is going on the walls! So exciting! On that note - you know what? There will be very few photos from here on in...better to wait for the big reveal in a few short weeks!