Monday, October 27, 2014

Renovation - Week 16

This past week in the house was huge...

Our first full week in the suite went great. A little crowded, but so fantastic to be "home".

The kitchen cupboards were installed and are even nicer than I'd hoped. And suddenly our kitchen looks so big!

All paint is on the walls, with only touch ups and baseboards remaining.

Tile is well underway which means more plumbing can be installed this week.

I said not many more pictures, and I will stay true to that - but here's one teaser of the bathroom tile.

There is so little left to be done but unfortunately we can't move upstairs until EVERYTHING is done because that is when the last coat goes on the hardwood floors. But we're so close. I'm hoping within two weeks?! Please keep your fingers and toes crossed we can wrap this up soon! My latest stress is when I'm ever going to get to hold a 5th birthday party - that technically should be happening next weekend and that's clearly not going to happen!

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  1. Joe's birthday party is on Saturday - A&N's bday so we will do some extra celebrating for them too :) Can you believe they were born 5 yrs ago already - UNREAL!