Monday, November 17, 2014

Prematurity Turns 5

Prematurity turned 5 years old recently.

That is, prematurity turned five years old for us recently. Because prior to the birth of my boys five years ago I had no idea the toll prematurity could take on a family. Not just at the time, but for the rest of their lives.

We have so so much to celebrate in the five years since our babies were born more than three months early, and will continue celebrating two happy, healthy boys long term. Sure, maybe they did not defy every odd of prematurity like some preemies do but there is no denying that they are miracles.

But for all of our gains, and all of the things we have to celebrate, there are very real losses that will also stay with us. None of us will ever recover from the boys' premature birth. Yes, we have moved on as much as can be expected, but it caused trauma and scars that will never heal.

So today, on World Prematurity Day, I will remind you of how much this family has gained in the way of two brilliant boys who have survived and thrived though prematurity. But I also ask you to take a moment and think of all we've lost, and send some positive vibes out into the universe to all the families who are right now, at this moment, going through what we went through five years ago.

We are so blessed by these beautiful, five year old premature babies. To see more of their fifth birthday party, click here

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