Monday, November 3, 2014

Renovation - Week 17

Week 17 was a big one at the house, especially since we also had Halloween and a very special fifth birthday!

Things are really coming along. We are so close I can taste it. That said, it's kind of unbelievable I'm claiming we're nearly done, yet just this week our front yard looked like this?

There are sooo many little jobs left for Jordan to do before we can move in. Never have I been so thankful for how handy he is and how much he is finishing that others would have to pay someone to do. I too, can be helpful now that we are on site. I mean who else is going to do the really glamourous jobs like cleaning four months of construction gunk out of window sills and throwing endless garbage in a dumpster?!

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  1. you guys rule. it is getting sooooo exciting! xoxoxo