Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We All Have Our Thing

For some people it's Christmas. Out come the decorations on November 1st and they're talking about it long beforehand.

For others, it's Halloween. Their houses are veritable haunted mansions and their costumes look like a Hollywood makeup artist spent the day with them.

For my mom, it was St. Patrick's Day. Being Irish, that was her way to keep her dad's memory alive. Green food, green clothes, shamrocks everywhere.

I'm not any of those people. I love the holidays. I even love to decorate. But none of those things get me going. You know what does though?

Birthday Parties. Birthday parties are my thing. 

Since Rio was 3 years old, I have never thrown a party for any of the kids that did not have a theme. If you've been to one of my parties you know that doesn't mean "pick out some matching napkins and goodie bags and call it a day". You know that means the invitations match the font match the cake match the snacks (literally dyed to match at times) match the decorations match the goodie bags. I mean business people, I mean business. And I definitely have a problem. But I love it, I truly do. And none of this breaks the bank either - that's part of the appeal. I rock these parties on a budget, yo! It's my creativity at its finest.

So you can imagine my disappointment this year as the boys' themed party (to be unveiled on Saturday) is not coming together as planned. The theme is barely there. I mean come on, I have just moved into a new house and my mind is not in the game. And yes, this was a ridiculous weekend to hold the party, but it is the last weekend before Christmas that Jordan is off, so we had to. So I decided to do my best and try to pull it together.

But today you guys, I suffered a setback. The invitations I had ordered online were not ready. Five business days turned into eight and they still weren't here. Last Friday I privately whispered to the parents that an invitation would be coming on Wednesday, but Wednesday arose and they still weren't ready.

So you know what I had to do? I had to go to the party store and buy invitations. GASP. Buy invitations. As Jordan said "You've turned into a regular mom". And not that there is anything wrong with a regular mom. For them. But remember how birthday parties are my thing? Totally unacceptable. For me.

And because I didn't want to go against my theme and buy say, super hero or ninja turtle invites that were somewhat cute, I got the most generic, non-descript ones I could find. And they were hideous. And I scribbled the party details in each card in the parking lot so I could run into school at the end of the day and hand them to the moms. And then hang my head in shame and try not to cry. And really try not to beat myself up for the fact that if I was actually firing on all cylinders, I would have had paper ready to make home made ones - that went with the theme - on the off chance the online invitations didn't show up. But no, I just dropped the ball all around.

And yes, I know I'm insane. I do. Most people would not be having a party this year. And those daring to have one a week after moving in would be throwing down a blanket on the floor and a bag of chips and letting the kids go at it.

But remember, that's not me.

Oh the good old days when I had my priorities straight

So there will be a party on Saturday. And a theme of some sort will be achieved, of that you can be sure. And you know what, no one will care but me. Because normal people don't care about things to this level of detail, and the kids really don't care as long as there's cake and goodie bags. But that's alright because birthday parties are my thing. And we all have our thing, right?

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