Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Butterfly Gardens

I wrote this post a while back. September to be exact. But then it sat in my drafts and I forgot about it. Until today.


The Butterfly Gardens is a regular stop for me and the kids. It's a jaunt from our house, but it's an easy activity that involves pushing Asher on a flat surface and letting Nolan roam with a little bit of freedom, all while checking out butterflies up close. Sometimes we go and everyone is bored and antsy and other times they're more excited. It always amazes me how they are generally thrilled to see the same flamingoes and fish over and over.

For my birthday, Jordan was hard at work on the house so I needed to do something entertaining with the kids. Butterfly Gardens (followed by ice cream) was the plan. I'm not sure if the butterflies knew it was my birthday or if I just put out some good vibes but man oh man was it a good visit. And thankfully for once I was quick on the draw with photos:

Freshly cracked from its chrysalis, it walked right onto my hand....

Then I promptly placed it onto Asher's head...

Before it fluttered for a bit and flew away.

Next came an obliging parrot who walked up my arm. 

A mother's love right there people. I am TERRIFIED (of most birds evidently) but I did that for the kids because they were too scared to do it themselves!

Rio desperate to have a butterfly step onto her hands. No dice, but not for lack of trying.

Nols eyeing up the bananas. 

Twin tree frogs up close and personal.

And you know what the best part of the visit was? I got to nerd out and show the butterfly experts the photo I took the other night when I stumbled upon this little guy, coolest caterpillar ever!


Oh now I see why it sat in my drafts - because it came to an abrupt end and I didn't know how to finish it. And I still don't. But it's full of cute photos so I wanted to share, no ending and all!

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