Monday, December 8, 2014

Mary's Girl Child

A long time ago in Bethlehem Trail BC
So the holy bible say,
Mary's Betty's boy girl child Jesus Christ Tracey Lyn
Was born on Christmas a September Day

Confused? You probably should be.

Friends, at the risk of sounding completely blasphemous, many moons ago, yours truly was the sweet baby Jesus.

Oh yes I was.

No matter that I was a girl. Or three months old. I worked the live nativity circuit in December 1975. And I was much revered. Case in point:

My debut, at my grandfather's seniors home. Have you seen anything cuter...

...than that angel ?? (don't mind the look of sheer terror on my face).

I love the blue blanket driving home the point I am actually a boy.

My second performance came a few days later at midnight mass at our church. Arguably, I'm with a more age appropriate Mary and Joseph, although for historical accuracy Joseph probably should have taken the tinted glasses off. Who are you trying to kid Joseph?

Midnight mass! My parents not only had no problem passing their daughter off as Jesus, but also at midnight! Shouldn't a three month old baby be sleeping at midnight?! Evidently not if she has an important theatrical performance to star in!

How I did not go on to be a celebrity I will never know. But I do know that in later years, when it came time for our class to star in the Christmas pageant at school, mannnn was I jealous my best friend got the role of Mary. I guess my time in the Christmas pageant spotlight really was over. I did have a good run as the star of the show though.

Come to think of it - I believe there is a live Nativity here in town. Maybe I should see if they need any new cast members next year?!

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  1. This is ridiculously hilarious - all of it. omg - just really really brutally funny. midnight mass. ha ha ha blue blanket!