Monday, December 22, 2014

Playpak by Firefly

Remember the UpSee? That ingenious little piece of equipment that we got for Asher and I blogged about it here? Well Firefly, the company who created the UpSee and a bunch of other great products, is launching some new products. I'm honored that they've asked me and Asher to try one of them out and tell you about it*.

I present to you Playpak - The portable activity kit.

All wrapped up in a lightweight bag is an entire activity centre that includes rolls, wedges and supports (designed by clinical experts) that allow children to try endless combinations of developmental postures.

It comes with an online therapy guide that shows you how to mix and match Playpak components in three key therapeutic positions – back lying, tummy lying and floor sitting. It's full of extra storage compartments, it's colorful and stylish, and it's easily foldable from bag to therapy mat in just a few steps.

It's meant for children from birth to age 4 and any GMFCS level, however Asher is still able to use it at more than 5 years old.

Isn't it pretty?! Here's the bottom line about it: I love it; I wish it had been around 5 years ago when Asher was a baby; and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a small child with motor delays. 

First let me say it's high quality. The workmanship is beautiful (just like the UpSee) and you can tell it is built to last. They really have thought of everything, including how easily it all fits back together to fold up.

Next - the options for positioning are endless. I can only imagine how much fun our early intervention physiotherapist would have had setting Asher up with different positions for side/back/tummy lying, as well as sitting. When I think of the multitude of chairs, rolls and wedges that she carted in and out of our house on a regular basis - and it all could have been achieved with this simple little pack?! Brilliant.

And not only therapy - it's also a portable chair. My friends can attest to how much "stuff" I used to have to lug to their houses to keep Asher comfortable when visiting - and to think I could have had it all wrapped up in one simple package that I could sling over my shoulder? Again let me say: Brilliant! I cannot express the value that comes with "equipment" that you can carry so simply, especially when you are also carrying twins who can't walk!

My greatest regret about this product is that it's being released now and it wasn't around when Asher was younger! In fact I feel that way about all of Firefly's products, because they're all pretty wonderful. If we were back at the beginning of our journey when Asher was a baby, and I could have seen the future and just how much equipment we would need, I would have jumped at the chance to have a product like this or any of their others.

All that said, although Asher is definitely on the tail end of Playpak's usability at his age (it's ideal for children from birth to age 4) we can definitely still use it. We have hardwood floors that provide no cushion, so now we have a ready-made mat for stretching or even just lying on the floor. But more importantly, it gives us a convenient way to let Asher floor sit without a chair and we are even able to walk away from him safely for a second - impossible before now. Here he is, happily sitting in a few different positions:

"Long sitting" - with the U-shaped stacked supports behind him and the blue pillow under his bum

Criss cross apple sauce with the U-shaped supports stacked behind him, the long roll capturing his feet, and the strap across his hips as a sort of seat belt

Criss cross applesauce again - but without the lap strap, allowing him to bend forward more and practice catching himself if he starts to fall

Kneeling with the U-shaped supports in front of him and the roll capturing his feet from behind. 

Same, shown from behind.

And not to be outdone, brother wanted in with his self-created pose. We call it "Do-Nothing-Doll with blue pillow and seatbelt". A very innovative yoga move I dare say!

Looks like fun, right?! And (in Asher's case at least) therapeutic at the same time.

The Playpak is on sale now and ships worldwide.  And while you're on their website, check out some of their other amazing products. (The Scooot?!! My God that thing, I could not be more in love with the idea of it! Unfortunately without better use of his arms Asher couldn't have maneuvered it well - but if you have a child with mobility issues I beg of you to look at it and see if it would be a good fit!). 

Yes, the Playpak is an investment but I promise you that if you have near the amount of therapy we had when Asher was an infant/toddler/preschooler this will be incredibly well used. I can also tell you that "you get what you pay for" and this is extremely good quality. I stand behind Firefly and their products with confidence, and products like theirs really are life changing for not only the children, but the families, using them. 

*Thanks to Firefly for giving us the opportunity to trial this wonderful product. Although they're also happy to tell you how wonderful this product is, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


  1. Love this...missing them. Merry Christmas.

  2. Both the products look amazing, and indeed if only available years ago! Coop used to scoot around in his bumbo chair and more often than not tip out! Thrilled these products are available to younger kids with mobility issues. Xx happy Christmas to your beautiful family xx

  3. Looking to buy a used one as I can't afford a new one for my little boy. Any suggestions on where I might find one? Thanks.

    Melinda (CP SuperMom)

  4. Looking to buy a used one as I can't afford a new one for my little boy. Any suggestions on where I might find one? Thanks.

    Melinda (CP SuperMom)