Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Best Christmas

This marks the best Christmas of my adult life, simple as that. Let me lay it out for you:

24th was dinner at our house with my sister's family. We made a traditional meal of our mom's - not turkey, but something she made regularly for company. Better than turkey and probably should have stopped all of our hearts from butter consumption on the spot. But it didn't and it was delicious and many of the dishes have not been made or eaten since before she died twenty years ago. After dinner the five kids got into new Christmas jammies and we let our three stay up waaaaaay too late while we danced, played games, and laughed our heads off. It was well into Christmas day when Jordan and I finally rolled into bed - full, tipsy, and with a living room full of goodies we knew the kids would love.

25th we all woke up tired, but happy. The kids were thrilled and I mean THRILLED with their Santa gifts and the rest of their loot. The strange thing is, they actually remained calm, looking every gift over in detail before asking for the next one. They were full of appreciation and admiration for everything, and although they still got too much, we really felt like they savored each bit of it. No chaos, no fits, no arguing, no raised voices. Three happy kids opened presents and loved every minute.

From presents we moved onto a delicious breakfast and playing with toys. And playing and playing and playing. And maybe eating a whole ton of random candies. By the time the afternoon rolled around they had inventoried everything and I had happily removed all traces of recycling and random Christmas tree needles. Again, I felt nothing but calm from everyone. What a change from the usual chaos!

After lunch Jordan headed to bed (pre-night shift) and the kids and I vegged in front of the TV. All while still in our jammies! I may have partaken in some caesars but it's Christmas so you're allowed to drink alone, right? (Plus my girlfriend assured me she was drinking with me in spirit so that counts.)

As it started to get dark, Jordan arose and we had a delicious Christmas dinner of nachos, chicken wings, and candy cane cheesecake. Not exactly what you'd call traditional, but I'm not sure if just the five of us will ever spend Christmas completely alone again, so we let the kids determine the menu. What good choices they made.

After dinner three very tired kids showered and were in bed early. I then proceeded to use numerous of my new bath products followed by a mani/pedi with my new nail polish and a Mad Men marathon on Netflix.

Boxing day was more of the same and on the 27th we hosted Jordan's family. More presents and food, and more importantly love all around.

Today the decorations and very dead tree are coming down and the house is starting to clear through the tornado and look and feel fresh again. Another year in the books. I have never felt so content and fulfilled by Christmas; I hope yours was equally as merry.

I'll be back in a few days for my regular New Years recap, but in the mean time safely and happily enjoy the rest of the holidays.

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