Sunday, August 31, 2014

Renovation - Week 8

Week 8 brought a drywalled basement, and soon to be drywalled upstairs (ok not mudded or taped but at least the boards are up!). A bunch of photos of unfinished drywall are pretty boring, but here's a couple of token shots of the suite living room and kitchen:

This week will bring exterior painting and the start of drywall taping and mudding. And then sometime after that paint. And flooring. And tile. And plumbing and electrical finishing. And trim. And doors. And kitchen install. And a front yard. And a back patio. And a retaining wall. And the siding and window trim done. And deck rails. And. And. And.

So much has been completed but still so much left. Can we be done?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Selfie Series

Although my phone has a lock, you can still access the camera. This is what happens when you don't realize that, and your 4 year old gets ahold of your phone. I give you "Asher, the series of selfies":

(Edited to only include my favorites from a cast of thousands). And yes, I KNOW I shouldn't let him play with my phone! But seriously, could this kid be any cuter?!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Renovation - Week 7

Great news this past week - the house passed framing, electrical, and plumbing inspections. Although there have been a bunch of smaller inspections along the way, these were the big ones that allow us to move forward with drywall and finishing. What a relief!

Again, not so many photos this week, but last finicky bits of interior framing is done, all plumbing and electrical rough ins are complete, and ducting and insulation are in.

We're ready for walls! Drywall starts Wednesday and I can't wait to see the walls take real shape over the coming couple of weeks. In the mean time Jordan has been kept busy by doing lots of prep and cleanup from the past six weeks. Have I mentioned how glad I am that he's so "handy"? That word doesn't really do justice to how much paid labour he has saved us on this job. My sanity certainly hasn't been saved by him never being home but that's a whole other story!

With drywall and hopefully exterior paint starting this week, that will be another huge chunk underway. We're still a long way from completion but every big step gets us that much closer.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great Beginnings For Island Kids

A while back our family shot some footage of the boys, and us, talking about how the Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island has helped our family over the past four years. This week, the video was released. I'll let you see for yourselves just how great it is!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Renovation - Week 6

Week 6 brought a lot of important changes in the house - namely, the completion of plumbing, electrical and ducting (well at least as much as can be finished before drywall goes up), as well as some final finishing touches on the roof. The good news is that stuff is done and awaiting final inspection this week.

The bad news is it's all boring stuff that doesn't translate to photos. So I've got one lonely photo that was taken at the start of the week before our builders took a few weeks off for the other trades to finish up. I give you: a completed front entrance...

Actually that's a lie. It's really nowhere near completed. The door itself needs to be painted (color suggestions anyone?), the stucco and trim on the existing house need to be painted, the lights, doorbell, house number and mail box need to be installed - and then there's the whole front yard that still needs a ton of work. But the little foyer itself is done and was worthy of a photo. Because that wood trim is a thing of beauty.

If the inspection goes well this week, insulation and drywall should start soon after. And then there's flooring and paint and bathrooms and before we know it, a real live HOUSE! Ok I know that is weeks and weeks and weeks away, but don't burst my bubble! Can you tell I need it to be done soon?!

Here's to a productive week 7!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Portlandia 2014

Another fun and successful trip to Portland (and Shriners) is in the books!

We ate, we shopped, we ate, we went to Shriners, we ate, we went sight seeing, we ate, we ate, we ate. Catch my drift? We Trousdells like to eat so Portland was made for us.

(Asher slept through dinner)

The kids were champs. They survived long ferry/border/car trips like seasoned travelers. They ate with the extensive palates they've already developed. And they had the stamina of professional hospital patients (which they are) at not one, not two, but three Shriners visits. The trip was a total success.

We went to Shriners with some important conversations in hand about the possibility of oral meds and botox for Asher. We left with some decisions to be made and another set of conversations to be had with our local doctors, not to mention a new set of AFOs for Nolan. Lots to process, but what else is new. Lots of good potential ahead too.

Now we're back to reality and into the throes of the reno. This summer is flying by with seemingly only stress and not a lot of fun so we are thankful for our week away together. Always stuff to keep us busy of course - like a new wheelchair for Asher tomorrow. Woot woot! (Who'd ever have thought I'd be excited for that?!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Renovation - Week 5

This past week we were in Portland but work continued on the house. A few photos and even less words as we're still sorting ourselves out from our return. More to come next week, don't you worry.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Renovation - Week 4

This week's post is coming to you a bit early as we're headed to Portland for 6 days on Sunday morning (more on that when we return). We're excited to get away together and just hang out for a much needed break. Wish us luck with the BC Day long weekend ferry and border traffic!

This week at the house brought a ton of exterior changes, as well as the start of some basement bathrooms taking shape, and lots of electrical underway. Of biggest note we have siding, windows, and doors. There's still a lot of wood detailing and trim to come (everywhere you still see black will be wood), as well as paint on the doors and the existing stucco, but gives you a good idea of how the outside of the house will look.

Next week while we're away work won't stop all together, but it will slow down. We're hoping plumbing/electrical/ducting will be more or less completed so that upon our return we can soon start insulation and drywall. Walls, real walls! That's just around the corner...better start picking out some paint!