Friday, January 2, 2015

Skiing With Emotion

The house is relatively quiet while Asher and a friend play play-dough at the kitchen table. I've got a bunch of fun activities planned for Asher this weekend (including a date at a "fancy restaurant" - his words - for the two of us tonight). I am making things very special for him because he is now the only child in the family who doesn't get to go skiing. While it used to be Rio and Daddy's thing, now it is Rio, Nolan, and Daddy's thing. Yes, Nolan is skiing!

My heart is over-run with emotion about this. I cried off and on all morning yesterday before they left. I am so excited for Nolan that he is old enough and strong enough to do this. I am amazed that my once frail, tiny baby is able to accomplish a physical feat like this. But I am also nervous that his unsteady gait, lack of balance, and weak ankles and knees will prevent him from safely mastering it. And lastly, I am sad that Asher is left out (for now at least, until he is old enough to begin adaptive skiing).

It's been so hard for me to let go and let my "babies" out into the real world. How funny that skiing is something else I view in this way. But as always, when I need to let go, they're ready far before I am.

I mean, these photos really say it all, don't they?

And for a little throw about this sweet little girlie her first season skiing? Now starting her fifth season, her second on a snowboard, I can't believe she used to be as little on skis as Nolan is now!

I know how far she's come, so I can only expect the same for Nolan, right? What's a little CP - nothing's stopped him before. 

Breathe mama, as I look at the clock and see he's an hour into his first lesson. He's ready, even if you're not. 


  1. This is such a beautiful post Tracey. How lucky your children are to have such amazing parents. Xo

  2. That's very exciting. How old does Asher have to be for adaptive skiing?