Friday, February 13, 2015

Telethon Weekend is Here!

Our TV debut is here! The Variety Club Show of Hearts telethon will be airing Saturday and Sunday!

Variety has been a huge help to our family. Not only did they give us $7500 for Asher towards the accessible van, they also gave us $7500 for each boy towards the elevator in our home. $15,000 covered more than 75% of the cost! How amazing is that?! I can say with absolute certainty there is absolutely no way we would have been able to buy our van as soon as we did, or install an elevator at all, without Variety.

They are an amazing charity. They are willing to give a family like ours up to $7500 per year, per child, towards therapy, equipment, or other medical expenses. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable that is. You really have no idea how much things cost for us. Great, free medical system in Canada? Heck yes. But "extra" things that are really a necessity for kids like mine are not always free - and always very expensive. We really couldn't give the boys all the opportunities we are able to without the help of Variety.

If you have it in your hearts to watch, and better yet donate, please do. How much would I love if the phones lit up during our segment?! So here's the details you're after:

Time: 7pm Saturday --> 5:30pm Sunday
Network: Global
Our family's segment: 7:30pm (ish) Saturday; sometime between 2 and 3am Sunday (for you insomniacs); 4:30pm (ish) Sunday. 

Funnily enough we don't have cable so won't be watching it live. Probably better that way as seeing myself cry on TV might be less painful if I don't see it at the same time as everyone else.

So watch - and give, ok? For this family and countless others just like us?

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