Tuesday, March 3, 2015

If You Were Wondering How We're Doing

It's almost ten at night and I'm beat but I haven't updated the blog in over two weeks so here's the rundown. And it's quick let me tell you...

Work is good. Work is busy.

Life is good. Life is busy.

We had a wonderful weekend in Vancouver that felt like a mini-holiday. We saw friends, and family, and IKEA, and the Canucks (with a win and great seats!). I can't remember feeling that relaxed and unrushed in a long time. I wish every weekend felt like that.

The kids are doing great. There's probably some important things to update you on, but I'm not focussed enough to think of them right now.

The weather is great.

The house is really, really great.

And that's all folks. Maybe I'll plan for a real post this weekend?

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