Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm Anti-Anti

I like to think of myself as an open minded person who not only hears, but considers the opinion of others.  On the blog however, I pretty much like to keep my opinion to myself.

I do infer things, mind you. For instance, I think most of you can gather that politically speaking, I lean left of centre. That doesn't mean I don't love a good, informed conversation with someone anywhere else on the political spectrum.

You can probably also gather that I am a spiritual person, even though I never come out and directly state my spiritual or religious beliefs. Although I'm not vocal about it, I enjoy talking and learning about the religious beliefs of others.

All of that said, I purposely choose not to state my opinions here too directly because I don't want to offend anyone. Arguing my beliefs in person is one thing. But writing them down and broadcasting them on the Internet is another.

It's time, however, to make something clear. This time I'm not going to infer anything - I'm going to state my opinion without question:

I think there should be no other choice in the matter than to VACCINATE YOUR KIDS.



Do I offend you with my stance on this? If so, stop reading. Because you know what offends me? My Facebook timeline sharing with me, time and time again, another baby getting very, very sick, and sometimes dying. Not from abuse or neglect; not from cancer. But from being exposed to a perfectly preventable disease before they were old enough to be vaccinated.  It's absolutely heartbreaking and I cannot imagine the distress their parents are feeling.

No that's not true - I can imagine what their parents are going through. I know exactly what it's like to have sick, immune-compromised babies, so maybe that's why I feel so strongly about this. For years and years, vaccines successfully eradicated many harmful diseases that are now in recent years making a comeback. It is not a coincidence people. These diseases are coming back because not enough people vaccinate their kids. And innocent babies are dying as a result.

Vaccinations do not cause autism - but so what if they did. Is having a child with autism worse than having a dead child?

Vaccinations are not poison - but so what if they were. Chemotherapy is a trusted and renowned source of poison. So is alcohol if we're being honest, and how many of us abstain from that?

Now don't get me wrong - I fully support knowing absolutely everything there is to know about vaccinations. But at the end of the day, I think that no matter how much research you do you should arrive at the same conclusion we did:

Vaccinations do more good than harm. Period.

So if I've offended you, I'm sorry but I can't keep my mouth shut on this subject anymore.

I'm anti-anti-vaxx. And proud of it. And I think everyone else should be too.


*I realize that in rare cases there may be legitimate reason to abstain from vaccinations (an allergy maybe? some underlying condition that makes vaccinating too risky?) This post is not directed at those people, just to be clear if you're looking for a reason to hate me. 


  1. Totally agree!! And this is an area we can't afford to be judgment free on because other people's decisions impact others.

  2. Great post and well stated! ~Annette

  3. As a medical student, I see 3 steps from me the horrible consequences of anti-vaxxer's actions as well as "all natural/bio" parents. I guess I could talk about the 3 week old with measles(which he got from his unvaccinated older sister) struggling to survive(and failing) or the child with blood in his lungs from the pneumonia that his parents treated with plants because they don't believe in antibiotics or the kid with kidney infection whose parents didn't treat the lower UTI he had(which climbed to the kidney) because they read on a nature blog that it "heals on its own" .
    Or maybe I should talk about the mini campaign going on in my country, designed to portray the doctors as big pharma slaves, murderers who don't care about people and med students as brainwashed morons who will also be the same as the doctors the day they graduate. People who are dead set against vaccines and have even said(when I raised the matter) that they would not give their extremely premature baby antibiotics, they would not vaccinate their kid if he got bit by a rabid dog/stepped into a rusty needle. They refuse to understand that children with cancers, newborns(especially preemies), elderly people, people with immune system diseases(including HIV) can absolutely die because of their unvaccinated child.
    This is the world we live in today. This is where we are.I'm always happy when I see that at least some parents have common sense.Unfortunately, I heard of a study that showed that the more you try to reason with an irrational person, the more they cling to their beliefs.

  4. I just reread your comment about chemotherapy.These people advice cancer patients to not undergo chemotherapy but to treat their illness with plants/wait for it to disappear.Chemo is one of their strongest "weapon" because see, it's proof that doctors actually poison their patients to death.

  5. Preach it, sister! I'm an anti anti vaxer, too. :)

  6. Your opinion is just that. Obviously you feel very passionate about this and that is fair enough. I think I would agree with you although I don't have kids or know the facts, I do know we always were vaccinated growing up....soooo ya.