Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Renovation Interior - Finally Some Pics!

Here we go, some long awaited "After" photos of the house. Well not the whole house, but at least the inside! Outside we still have a little bit more work to do (ok A LOT, landscaping equals A LOT more work) so give us a couple months to pull that together. Or not. Either way I'll post pics of the outside of the house by the end of the summer ok?

In any regard, the house is done. Sure we need a bit more art, and there's some finishings to do downstairs, but those are all a work in progress. The inside of the house is DONE and at this point anything else is a bonus.

To say we are happy with the house is the understatement of the year. Every time I walk in here I love it more. A year or more of planning and design payed off in spades. There is absolutely nothing I would change.

I know I know, you're thinking "less talk, more action" so I'll get to the photos. A small snippet of them anyway...








Want to see more, including before and afters of each room? Check out the album on Facebook here. 

And while I have a captive audience (you are captive aren't you?) here's a few details about the reno:
  • Demo/all construction/finishing/plans – Jonker Custom Building. The absolute masters of their craft. 
  • Sub trades – all local businesses (some to be recommended, others not so much)
  • Building materials – all local 
  • Elevator – Bruno Platform Lift built into a custom elevator shaft
  • Kitchen Cabinets – IKAN (Ikea)
  • Kitchen Counters and Backsplash – Vittrium (Environite – Recycled glass). Our one splurge that was totally worth it.
  • Main bathroom finishings – Ikea
  • All other bathroom finishings – Re-purposed/upcycled
  • Floor: Red oak – original 1950s floors re-finished, with the addition matched to the original. Continuous/transitionless throughout, with the exception of tiled bathrooms and foyer. 
  • Waste: As much as humanly possible diverted from landfill via recycling, upcycling, or donation. 
  • Design: Jordan and Tracey Trousdell. ALL OF IT OURSELVES, after about a thousand hand drawn iterations of possible layouts (with the final plans drawn up by Piet Jonker). Inspiration came from Houzz, Dwell, every known accessibility resource in print and online, and a shared love of mid-century modern design. I'd also be remiss if I didn't give some props to my nephew "Colours by Grady" because in the absence of Jordan (constantly working on the house or working at his job) I made a lot of great finishing choices with Grady's help! Plus if Piet had an idea about how something should look, we listened. Leaving finicky decisions in your trusted builder's hands is really a dream.
  • Accessibility: Elevator access to the lower floor and back yard, completely level entrance to front door from both street and vehicle, doorways all 3 feet, walls removed to create open concept, all light switches at wheelchair height, all door handles levered, all eating/working surfaces at seated height, kitchen and bathroom sinks with wheelchair access, main bathroom and boys' bedroom in close proximity with reinforcements for grab bars and a ceiling lift in the future if required.
  • Total cost: You don't even want to know. Let's say we *might* be mortgage free in our 70s. Cross those fingers. But you can't put a price on happiness and quality, right?!
So there you have it. Our labour of love for about two years. Finally done, livable, and oh so appreciated. 

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  1. Its really really rad. PS I love the EAT.

    Did I say rad with enough gusto... RAD!