Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beach Day!

The boys' class, along with the two other kindie classes in their school, had beach day yesterday. Although I was unable to attend, their EA graciously snapped some photos for me. Think they had any fun?!

When Rio's kindergarten class had beach day, poor Rio had to watch them all walk by our house while she waved (and cried) from her bedroom window because she had the stomach flu. In Grade 1, it was rained out. In Grade 2, canceled because of the teacher's strike. Grade 3 - no beach day planned. So although big sister has been at the school three years longer than her brothers, she was green with envy. I guess the good news about being surrounded by beaches is that it's pretty easy to remedy her jealousy!

Only five more school days until we have the whole summer* to do what we want. The kids are done, and more so, I am done. Enough of the morning routine - let's get this summer break started!

*I have most of the summer - I will still be working but only two days a week for the time the kids are out of school. When I'm not here they'll be with their cousins, so I think we all have a pretty great summer to look forward to.

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