Monday, June 8, 2015

Little Athletes

The past two weekends I feel like we've had a glimpse into what it's like for parents of adolescents who play sports - basically running here, there and everywhere, getting your child wherever their sports team needs them to be.

This past weekend, the boys had their horse show. OH. MY. HEART. Adorable. They had both practiced their moves very hard and were absolute stars. They had a whole cheering session there, including one of their best friends from school. It was so great to see and so appreciated that everyone came to see them because man it was hottttttt out!

Nolan and Maryke 

Asher and Smudges

The weekend prior to that, we took Rio to her first out of town soccer tournament. It is a looooong soccer season in a city that gets no snow. September through March, and then spring academy started in April. Rio has really blossomed on the soccer field this season and getting the extra hands on coaching in academy has been so fun to watch. They're learning their positions (Rio likes midfield best - oh so much running!) and generally getting so much better at handling the ball.

The girls were such troopers for the weekend. They played one game on the first day and then three (!) on the second! Three full (60 minute at this age) games in the blazing sun, with minimal complaints. And as an added bonus, Rio got to play against a friend since birth who lives out of town. They meet up on occasion on the ski hill, and now on the soccer pitch. Fun for the parents to catch up too.

All in all, so much fun had with both the soccer tourney and the horse show. All of that said, I'm getting pretty excited to have the summer off from both! These kids have a WAY better social calendar than I do and I'm ready to have a break!

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