Thursday, June 25, 2015

School's Out For Summer!

You better have just been singing Alice Cooper when you read that title, that's all I'm saying.


What a huge year. Our "babies" started kindergarten, our big girl went to Grade 3, and mama went back to work. Oh and we finished our reno too - that little thing.

First day of Grade 3 and Kindergarten (still living at Auntie's):

You know how it all went? AWESOME! We all passed with flying colors, and are now looking forward to a great summer to relax and refuel before it all starts up again in September.

Their report cards were all excellent - yes, in academics, but most proudly in the really important parts like effort, respect, and positive attitudes. I am so immeasurably proud of all of them. Our miracle babies just absolutely nailed kindergarten and will now start Grade 1 with a solid foundation of what inclusion looks like in their school and classroom. I see nothing but opportunities for them to flourish ahead. They are truly remarkable little human beings.

Rio is showing herself to be more of a leader every day. Not only at home bossing around helping her brothers, but at school too. She is a bright light and both gives off, and attracts, goodness everywhere she goes.

I feel like I've finally gotten a hold on this whole "working mom" thing - just in time to drop down to 2 days/week for the summer. I look so forward to my mix of work time and kid time - and plan to pack as much into this summer as possible. That starts with this weekend when we surprise the kids with a trip to Vancouver - notably to take Rio to the FIFA women's world cup quarter final. Canada vs. England - can you say dream match?! Our little soccer player is going to lose her shizz. Can't wait to tell her!

In the mean time we're going to spend tonight celebrating the accomplishments of this school year with pizza and ice cream, and tomorrow being laaaaaazzzzzzzy. I'm calling jammie day!! I think it's well deserved.

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