Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whirlwind Women's World Cup Weekend

How do you like that for some alliteration?!

We spent this past weekend, for those of you who didn't see my onslaught of photos on instagram, in Vancouver - most notably to watch Canada play in the quarter final of the FIFA women's world cup.

We originally bought the tickets because Rio is becoming really invested in soccer, so we thought it would be a really great chance to show her some strong female role models and how far they've gone in her sport. At the time of ticket purchase, we had no idea who would be playing in the match.

After continuing to advance, we realized it would be Canada. We were ecstatic! I mean who doesn't want to cheer for their home country, on home turf? Sounded pretty dreamy.

Oh it was I tell you, it was. That game exceeded my expectations on every level. When we walked in the girls were just taking to the field for warm up, and I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the energy in the 55,000 person stadium. It was a sea of red shirts, hats, flags, tattoos, face paint - you name it. The stands were full of Canadians - and very proud ones at that.

The game was phenomenal. Although Canada did not emerge victorious, they played a hard fought game and in many ways were the better team on the pitch. It was a truly memorable experience and has put "seeing as many international sporting events as possible" to the top of my bucket list.

The rest of the weekend was fun too. We stayed with family and ate too much all weekend. We gave the boys their first skytrain experience (full of excited hooting and screeching the whole way - darn small-towners!) and walked along the seawall. While we were at the soccer game the boys even got in a trip to the beach with their auntie and uncle! The weather was lovely and the company was lovelier. All in all a wonderful start to our summer. The photos don't do it justice...

No face paint? No problem. 

So excited!

Yup, still excited!

That open roof is beautiful - unless it allows the sun to shine directly in your face for the second half, as it did ours.

Almost ready to start...

Teams take to the pitch for all the pre-game pomp and circumstance

And like that it's done! Very hot, sweaty, and a bit deflated, on our way home

Great afternoon at Kits beach for the boys

Staying as close to the water as possible to enjoy the breeze

Beautiful city in the background, cool dude in the foreground

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